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Brewer of the Year



In an attempt to foster healthy competition amongst the brewers in the club the idea of a Brewer of the Year was created. The idea is that those who enter competitions that we host and place will earn points. At the end of the SODZ year we tally up those points and whomever has the most points will be crowned Brewer of the Year.


The current standing of members will be kept up to date on our site so that anyone can see where they stand compared to other club members.

*Last updated on 6/20/2016

Brewer Name Current Points
Steve Henry 19
AJ Zanyk 16
Richard Sheppard 14
Dan George 16
Jim Sudduth 11
Gautam Bagchi 13
Bill Bopp 15
Brian Gallow 11
Will Shiel 6
Seth Draeger 7
Eric Saas 5
Conor Misener 4
Eric Johnson 3
Jason Wing 3
Jeff Lewis 3
Stacy Groene 3
Carey Hall 3
Alex Aossey 3
Tim McKinzie 3
Craig Davis 3
Jeff Berry 6
Jim Penikas 2
Lucas Elder 2
Brian Fowler 1
Justin Molenaur 2
Jim Penikas 1


A SODZ year is September to June.

Eligible Competitions

The competitions that are eligible for earning points are:

  • Monthly Club Competitions
  • Beer for Boobs (BFB)
  • British Beer Festival (BBF)
  • Lucci Cup (Part of BBF)
  • Iron Kettle
  • National Homebrew Competition (NHC)
  • Ohio State Fair (OSF)

NHC and OSF aren’t SODZ competitions however it was decided that as extra encouragement we’d give points to brewers who place in these competitions.

Point System

Points will be awarded in the following manner.

  • 3 Points for first place.
  • 2 Points for second place.
  • 1 Point for third place.
  • 5 Points for winning Lucci Cup or getting Best of Show in BBF, BFB, OSF or NHC.

Previous Years Winners

  •  2014 – Gautam Bagchi
  •  2015 – Gautam Bagchi


At the summer picnic the beers from Iron Kettle will be judged after which the Brewer of the Year will be announced. The brewer who wins this title will of course get bragging rights and a gift certificate for $100 to a local homebrew shop of their choice.