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Summer Picnic 2017

by Administrator on June 24, 2017

Summer Picnic time!

Who is Invited?

Anyone who is a paid member and their immediate family (Significant other Spouse and children).


Saturday, July 22nd 12:00 PM – 2:30 PM – Gun Range open for SODZ members
Saturday, July 22nd 2:30 PM Sunday July 23rd 1:00 PM – Picnic, etc.

If you plan to stay over night be sure you bring a tent or are ok with sleeping in your car.


Central Ohio Anglers and Hunters Club
9593 Roberts Rd
West Jefferson, OH 43162

Make sure you approach from Olmstead Road, to the Southwest of the club, not from Plain City-Georgesville Road. If you come the wrong way, you WILL NOT be able to get across the Little Darby Creek.

What to Bring

If you want to shoot, it’s BYOGun, there are no rentals. The club has a 30- yard pistol range, and a 100-yard rifle range. The ranges will be open for a few hours starting at noon, but that will only be for non-drinking members, until 2:30 when they will close and we can start the party. THERE WILL BE NO DRINKING AND SHOOTING AT THE SAME TIME.

Bring your beer, of course, we will have Jockey Boxes, so you can bring kegs, or bottles in coolers, or whatever you want.

As for food, the picnic is a pot luck. The club will provide a main course (and plates, cutlery, napkins, etc.), you will provide a side/desert and any beer you want to share. The location has a copious amounts of space to camp and hang out, a large building to escape the elements, and fire pits for the evening. It’s suggested that you bring any folding chairs, pop up shelters, bug spray, sun tan lotion, plenty of homebrew to share and anything else you require if you are a person who enjoys to sit outside, not on the ground and not in direct sun. If you choose to stay the night there will be a bonfire and much more socializing. In the morning we will do some cleanup and head home.

If you have lawn games, or outdoor activities, bring those too. There’s always demand for cornhole, but the club doesn’t own a set of boards, so it’s appreciated when members bring them to the picnic.

Iron Kettle Beers

Those who brewed beer at Iron Kettle will be bringing their beer to share and be judged. If you were at Iron Kettle an can’t make it then you will need to make arrangements to have someone else bring your beer.


I can’t stress this enough but if you even think you might be staying the night bring a tent or have the expectation that you will be sleeping in your car.

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