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Sep 15 14

September Newsletter Sent

by Secretary

The SODZ September newsletter was emailed to paid up members. If you did not get one in error, please contact

Sep 2 14

September Meeting

by President

What? That’s right it’s started again.


Monday, September 8 2013


Seventh Son Brewery
1101 N 4th St
Columbus, OH 43201

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Be sure to eat before you come as Seventh Son doesn’t have food.


Along with the normal club business, we’ll get to hear from these folks:

  • Colin Vent – Collaboration Beers (Tentative)
  • Dan George – Using Home Grown Hops

Club Competition

All categories.

Winner will get a $25 gift card from a local homebrew store.

Can’t see this form? Click here!

Aug 25 14

North Market Craft Beerfest Volunteering

by President


Volunteering for North Market Craft Beerfest.

SODZ was contacted by the North Market to see if we were interested in providing volunteers for the breweries.  They wanted knowledgeable and passionate people (that’s us!) that could provide the best experience for the people who are coming to the festival to try the beer.  Those who volunteer will get:

  • A T-Shirt
  • Festival Pint Glass
  • 10 Tasting tickets good for the entire weekend.

If you are interested please use the form below!


Friday 9/12 – Saturday 9/14


59 Spruce Street

Columbus, Ohio 43215

Volunteer Form

Volunteering is now closed.

Aug 15 14

SODZ Co-Sponsoring Battle of the Brew

by Secretary

Attention all Central Ohio Home-Brewers! The North Market is excited to announce the first ever Battle of the Brew at the Ohio Craft Brew Festival. The competition is sponsored by Seventh Son Brewing, SODZ and Matt the Miller’s Tavern. This is in conjunction with the Ohio Craft Brew Festival formerly known as the North Market Microbrew festival.

For more information about the festival click here.

For more information about the homebrew competition click here.


Jul 26 14

Columbus Summer Beerfest 2014

by President

Summer Beerfest 2014 is right around the corner and they are looking for volunteers.


Volunteering for Beerfest


Friday, Aug. 15th from 5pm – 11:00pm
Saturday, Aug. 16th from 5pm – 11:00pm.


LC Pavillion Downtown.

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Don Croucher will be again organizing the volunteers so if you have a question about volunteering please contact him at Volunteers aren’t limited to SODZ members so invite your friends, spouse and whomever else enjoys beer.


Signup is now closed.

Jul 7 14

Summer Picnic

by President

Summer Picnic time!

Who is Invited?

Anyone who is a paid member and their immediate family (Significant other Spouse and children).


France’s Farm
Saturday, July 26th 2pm – Sunday July 27th 1pm

If you plan to stay over night be sure you bring a tent or are ok sleeping in your car. The house is the residence of Dan’s Uncle and we need to respect his privacy.


6934 Hillcrest Rd
St. Louisville OH 43071

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France’s Folksy Directions

  1. Just basically take 161 East to 13 North (at newark, go north).
  2. Take that for about 8 miles into Saint Louisville, turn right at Loches Rd.
  3. Turn right at Horns Hill Rd after 0.4 mi.
  4. Go left onto Hillcrest Rd 1.5 mi which is just past a little bridge. Hillcrest is a gravel road you will go straight for a bit, there will be a farm house on your right.
  5. When you come to a hairpin turn up to the left into the woods, turn left here. If you go straight, you will go into a lady’s driveway :)
  6. You go through the woods, down a hill, over a bridge, up a hill, when you come out of the woods there will be a sectional home on your right, and a split rail fence on your left.
  7. Your destination is straight ahead through the gate, do not follow the road to the right.

What to Bring

The club will provide a main course, you will provide a side/desert and any beer you want to share. The location is on 255 of acres that includes paths, wooded areas a pond and copious amounts of space to hang out. It’s suggested that you bring any folding chairs, pop up shelters and anything else you require if you are a person who enjoys to sit outside, not on the ground and not in direct sun. If you choose to stay the night there will be a bonfire and much more socializing. In the morning we will do some cleanup and head home.

Iron Kettle Beers

Those who brewed beer at Iron Kettle will be bringing their beer to share and be judged. If you were at Iron Kettle an can’t make it then you will need to make arrangements to have someone else bring your beer.


I can’t stress this enough but if you even think you might be staying the night bring a tent or have the expectation that you will be sleeping in your car. What about bathrooms you may be wondering? There are bathrooms a little off from the house with with all the wonderful flowing water your heart could desire.

Sign Up

May 30 14

SODZ now on

by Secretary

SODZ is now on! Don’t worry we are not changing the way we communicate with you. This is mostly to attract new members. If you get a chance please do go join the group so it looks like we have activity. Thanks!

May 22 14

SODZ on Fox28 News

by Secretary

Our very own Brian Huntley shows how to make beer on Fox 28 News. Thanks for the shout out Brian!

Fox28 News

Short Version:

Full Fox28 version

May 19 14

Iron Kettle 2014

by President


Saturday June 7th


Dan France’s House

Address will be emailed to those who signup.


If you’ve seen the Iron Chef, then you understand the premise: you will be given a special, secret ingredient that you must use, but how you use it is up to you. Each team will be given the same ingredients kit to review, decide on a style, formulate a recipe, and brew the beer. You need not use all ingredients but MUST use the special ingredient and be sure to showcase it.

Brewers will need to arrive a little before 9am to get set up. At 9am, kits will be passed out and you can start formulating a recipe based on your ingredients. If your team is brewing a 10 gallon batch then be sure to tell the Iron Kettle organizers so that they can be sure to have two kits for you.

Before brewing, each team must give a recipe sheet to the organizers. On it you will name your style, ingredients, hop schedule and any special notes. If you are splitting your batch and using different yeasts and/or dry hopping, list your intent for each of the beers in the notes. If you elect to deviate from your recipe while brewing, see the organizers to update your sheet. Brewers generally will take some time to review their ingredients and submit their recipes with the expectation that brewing will start by 10 or 11am.

This is a fun event to do in teams of two or more brewers. It’s also a chance for a brewer to introduce the hobby to someone who has shown interest in homebrewing.

Last of all rules are subject to change so don’t surprised if someone moved your cheese.

Beers will be judged at the summer picnic for bragging rights.


The kits will be all grain kits (no extract) and will include enough malt, hops and special ingredient to make a 5 gallon batch.


Please bring 2 yeast strains for each kit. If you are brewing with a partner you can have up to 2 kits and 4 yeast strains. If a team is brewing 10 gallons and will divide the beer into two fermenters, which then will be taken home to ferment separately, each brewer is permitted (but not obligated) to use independent yeast strains. This may lead to some discussion on the team regarding what to brew based upon what the two members brought, but each of the brewers must state what yeast strain will be used prior to brewing. You are not required to pitch the yeast on-site, but be honest about what strain you will use at home. You may bring (and use) O2 or a fish pump for aeration.


Do not bring your own water.

You will receive Hilliard water, it is on the soft side with an alkalinity of ~54 mo/L.

Do not bring your own water.

Do not bring your own water.

What You Bring

Anything you need to brew. If you brew outside with a burner at your house then you’ll probably need to bring all that plus a table of some sort to drain your mash tun/kettle.

The gear you would need includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Burner
  • Kettle
  • Mash Tun
  • Hot Liquor Tun
  • Propane Tank
  • Spoons, buckets, bags
  • Fermentation Vessel (Carboy/Bucket)
  • Star San/PBW
  • Gloves
  • Refractometer/Hydrometer/Graduated Cylinder
  • Yeast (up to two strains per kit)
  • Aquarium Pump/Oxygen Stone/Oxygen
  • Hoses/Splitters for Chilling.
  • Grain mill.

What We Provide

  • A kit that brews a 5 gallon batch. Kit includes the malt, hops and special ingredient.
  • Water. Don’t bring your own water. If you bring it we will dump it out in front of you.
  • Pre-Chiller Setup

What is Verboten

    • Your own water. See a pattern?
    • Any ingredients other than what comes in the kit. This includes fining agents, and elements to alter water chemistry.


Can’t see this form? Click Here!

Apr 24 14

Congrats to AJ Zanyk April Club Only Winner

by Secretary

Congratulations to April Club Only competition winner AJ Zanyk for his “Fizzy Yellow Lager Type Substance” beer. AJ received a $25 gift card from Buckeye Brewcraft His recipe will be in May’s newsletter. The winners are as follows:

  1. AJ Zanyk – Bohemian Pilsner - Fizzy Yellow Lager Type Substance
  2. Jeff Lewis – German Pilsner – 12 Platos of Suck it!
  3. Carey Hall – Munich Helles – Go to Helles