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Jan 27 15

Free Agave Nectar

by Secretary

SODZ has come into the possession of a large amount of agave nectar (syrup) and is giving it away to paid members for FREE! This is your membership dues at work.

For those of you unfamiliar with agave nectar it is extracted from the agave plant, also used in making tequila. It is most similar to honey, possibly a touch sweeter.

Paid up members can sign up below to get your share. We are limiting the amount you can get to 18lbs or about a gallon and a half. This is enough to make 5 gallons of sweet agave wine. Use the calculator here to determine how many lbs you need. We will keep the sign up open until February 5th and contact you via email on how to pickup.

Shout out to the Cincinnati Bloatarian League for hooking us up!

Jan 8 15

January Meeting

by President


Monday, January 19th 2015


Old Bag of Nails
24 North State Street #26
Westerville, OH 43081


Full service restaurant.


  • Board Reports
  • British Beer Fest (BBF) Plug
  • Craig O’Herron – Head Brewer / Owner of Sideswipe Brewing Company
  • Patrick Gangwer – Sour Beers

Club Competition

This time it’s all about beers 8% ABV and bigger. This is a wide open category where the only criteria is that your beer needs to be 8% ABV or more.

Can’t see this form? Click here!

Jan 6 15

Lucci Cup Update and Recipe

by Administrator

Here is A recipe for Southern English Brown which you can use for the Lucci Cup Challenge. This is not a required recipe just an option. For those unfamiliar with the Lucci Cup, it was started many years ago by our club’s very own Susan Lucci (AKA Frank Barickman) to give him a chance to win… or something like that… anyways, now a days it’s a challange/call to flex your brewing muscle where everyone can compete head to head in a predetermined style. You can brew whatever recipe you want, if you think you have one better, or you can brew the one listed here. Time to step up and brew!

1. Brew any Southern English Brown (here on refereed to as SEB) recipe you like and enter it into the 2015 SODZ BBF as a Southern English Brown.
2. Talk smack about how great your brewing is.
3. Winner will be the beer which wins the stand alone SEB category.

Ok so there it is. Who thinks they have skills?

And here is the promised recipe:
OG 1.041 ABV 3.8% IBU: 17
Yeast: WLP002, Wyeast 1968, or Safale S-04, fermented at 68F

for 6 gal
60 min: .85 oz East Kent Goldings 5% AA
Grain (all-grain version, mashed at 153F)
6.9 lbs Marris Otter
1 lb crystal 80
10 oz crystal 120
8 oz special roast
6 oz pale chocolate
4 oz carafa special II

Extract option; replace the 6.9 lbs of Marris Otter with 5 lbs English Pale LME or Marris Otter LME

Will Shiel
Vice President
BBF Competition Organizer

Dec 22 14

2015 British Beerfest Homebrew Competition

by Secretary

The 2015 SODZ British Beerfest is coming up fast, Saturday February 21st, at Seventh Son Brewery, so mark you Calender’s!  We’ll need judges, stewards, and other helpers, its a fun event so please come out and help!  Also don’t forget to brew early enough to enter you British style beers, meads, and ciders.  You can start registering your entries and to volunteer on the competition site

This years Lucci Cup will be SOUTHERN English Brown.  This is the last year it will be in the BJCP guidelines so it’s time to brew it.  I will post the brewing classic styles recipe later for those looking for a reference, as well as more information on the Lucci Cup Challenge for those unfamiliar with it.  Short info, brew the best Southern English Brown you can with any recipe or ingredients you want and enter it into the BBF, good luck.

Dec 17 14

Columbus Winter Beerfest 2015

by President

If you’ve found your way here then you know that you are part of an elite set of volunteers, a crack team best equipped to help people navigate the waters of craft beer.


Friday January 30th
Saturday January 31st

There will be VIP sessions each night, beginning at 6:30 PM, with the regular session beginning at 7:30 PM, and running until 11:00 PM. Expect to show up at least an hour early to make sure you get your assignments.


Columbus Convention Center


More will be put here when I have more specifics but I’m assuming this will be the same deal that’s happened years before.  As a volunteer you will get a t-shirt, some food, money for parking, beer and quite a bit of fun.


In previous years we’ve had some issues where volunteers have signed up and then not shown up.  If you choose to sign up please treat this as a commitment.  If you can’t volunteer for some reason please notify the volunteer organizer Don Croucher

Volunteer Registration is now Closed.

Nov 26 14

December Meeting

by President


Saturday, December 6th 2015


Land-Grant Brewing Company
424 W Town St,
Columbus, OH 43215


There is no formal agenda however bring chairs and if you have any folding tables those would be appreciated. This meeting is a potluck where the club provides the main course and members provide a side or desert. Because the club is providing the main course this meeting is limited to those members in good standing and their +1. Please use the form below so that we know how many people are coming and can purchase the right quantity of food.

Other stuff to know is that we will be in the Brewery (not in the tap room), we will have a keg of beer from Land-Grant and most importantly for some of you the OSU game will be on in the tap room. Let me repeat, if you are planning to watch the OSU game why not come and watch it with us at Land-Grant.

You are allowed to bring homebrew but please be discrete.

Our host has three requests. Please respect their wishes:

  1. Everyone must be 21, no exceptions.
  2. Drinking and driving is a serious and deadly felony. Make appropriate travel arrangements.
  3. We’re shutting down at 11pm.

Dirty Santa

Dirty Santa is a gift exchange where you bring a large format (750ml or 22oz bomber) bottle of commercial beer and put it inside a gift bag. One person starts by taking a bag off the table that’s not theirs and this continues until everyone has a gift. Basically it’s a white elephant gift exchange but instead of gifting junk you are giving delicious craft beer. The only requirements for this are that you buy a quality beer and bring it concealed in a gift bag.

Club Competition

Christmas/Winter Speciality (21B), Belgian Specialty (16E), Wood Aged (22C), Speciality (23, convince us it’s Christmas).

Nov 10 14

November Meeting

by President


Monday, November 17th 2014


Gordon Biersch
401 North Front Street #120 Columbus,OH 43215

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Full service restaurant.


  • Board Reports
  • Christmas Party
  • Talk (TBD)

Club Competition

The theme this time is Smoke and Roast.  This includes the following categories: Dark Lagers (Category 4), Porters (Category 12), Stouts (Category 13), Belgian Specialty (16E; Must include roasted malts to be qualified), Smoke Flavored Beers (Category 22A and 22B)

Oct 21 14

Lisa White of White Labs to do Q&A at SODZ Beer for Boobs

by Secretary

Time is running out.

The entry deadline for the fourth annual Beer for Boobs competition is this Sunday, October 26th. All entries must be registered in the database by that date. Please ship your entries to arrive by Friday, October 31st. Gentiles has agreed to be a drop off location for entries, so if you are unable to attend, you may drop off your entries there by Oct. 31st.

Even if you plan to volunteer and are able to get your entries in early, this will help the morning run smoother.

Entries may be registered at:

The competition will be held on November 8th at Weasel Boy Brewing Co. in Zanesville, OH. Weasel Boy will choose a beer from the best of show table to brew as a Pro Am entry in the 2015 Great American Beer Festival!

We need judges and stewards! It takes many volunteers to make an event successful and we can not do it without your generous time commitment. As an added incentive, volunteers may bring their entries the morning of the competition.

Judges and stewards may register at the same web site:

This year we will have a special guest in attendance. Lisa White, founder of Beer for Boobs and vice president of White Labs will be in attendance! We are planning a discussion and Q&A session following the competition on Saturday evening. More details will be available as plans are finalized.

All proceeds from this event are donated to Beer for Boobs, in support of cancer research organizations. See for more details.

A discounted rate is available at the Baymont Inn and Suites. Please contact the hotel directly at (740) 454-9332 to receive the special rate. Ask for the Weasel Boy rate. Do not book on line.

Oct 14 14

Beer For Boobs Deadline Coming Soon

by Secretary

This is the call for entries and judges for the fourth annual Beer for Boobs competition, hosted by the Scioto, Olentangy and Darby Zymurgists (SODZ).

The entry deadline is October 26th and the competition will be held on Saturday November 8th at Weasel Boy Brewing Company in Zanesville, OH. Register your entries on our web site:
Weasel Boy will select a beer from the Best of Show table to brew for the 2015 GABF Pro-Am competition.

As always, all profits raised from this competition are donated to Beer for Boobs, started by Lisa White of White Labs.

We will also need plenty of judges and stewards. If you are able to help, please register as a judge or steward on the same web site:

See the attached flyer for details.


Sep 23 14

Learn to Homebrew Day 2014

by President


Learn to Homebrew Day was established by the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) in 1999 to encourage people to homebrew. The event involves homebrewers bringing their equipment to a location and brewing beer while people new to the hobby ask questions.  More information on the event and the history of it can be found here.

If you plan on brewing please be patient when it comes time to chill your beer as this can be a bottleneck at events like this.

What we Provide

  • Cold water for chilling.
  • A place to put your spent grains.
  • Good times.

What you Provide

You will need to bring all the equipment you need to have to brew this includes but is not limited too:

  • Kettles
  • Mash Tun (If you are an all grain brewer)
  • Lauter Tun (If you are a all grain brewer)
  • Burner
  • Propane
  • Primary fermentation vessel
  • Star San or other sanitation chemical
  • etc, etc, etc.


Saturday November 1st 2014
Start Time: 8am
Brewing Cut off Time: 10am (If you plan to brew start before 10am)


This year we will have two locations that SODZ will be doing Learn to Homebrew Day

Gordon Biersch

401 N Front St #120,
Columbus, OH 43215

Brewing will occur on the patio.

Glass Rooster Cannery

1673 South State Route 605
Sunbury, Ohio 43074


If you plan to brew please signup using the form below so that we have an idea of how many to expect.