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Oct 7 15

Oktoberfest Party 10/25 12:30pm @ Weasel Boy Brewing

by Administrator


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Let me repeat this is on Sunday October 25th. Yes, there is two events in October.

The 25th! SUNDAY!


Weaselboy Brewing Company
126 Muskingum Ave,
Zanesville, OH 43701

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This will be a potluck where the club provides bratwurst and you will provide a side or dessert. Note if you plan on coming please use the form below to signup so that we know how much food to buy.


  • Eat Brats
  • Drink Beer

Guest Signup

Oct 7 15

October Meeting 10/19 7pm @ Zauber Brewing

by Administrator

SODZ Monthly Meeting


Monday, October 19th 2015


Zauber Brewing Company
909 W 5th Ave
Columbus, OH 43212


Zauber will have a limited menu, sandwiches and appetizers.


  • Officer Report
  • Sour Beers – Ryan Torres

Club Competition

Fall Beers. You have to convince us!

Winner will get a $25 gift card from a local homebrew store.

Oct 7 15

September Winning Club Only Recipe – Saurgruit

by Administrator

Congratulations to Steve Henry for winning two club competitions in a row with his Sour Gruit recipe!

[Beer Name] Sauergruit
[Beer Style] Gruit
[Brew Type] All Grain
[Batch Size] 10.5 Gallons
[OG] 1.060
[FG] 1.010
[ABV] 6.4%
[SRM] 4.5
[IBU] 0

[Note] Batch split 1:1 after boil for 2 fermentations

[Efficiency Target] 70%

[Grain Bill]
Mash @ 154F 60min
21.5 Lb 2-Row Malt
5 Lb White Wheat Malt

[Herb Bill]

60 min additions-
0.5oz Mugwort

30 min additions-
2oz Rose Hips
1oz Calamus Root (Dry)
1oz Yarrow Leaf/Flower Mix (Fresh)
0.15oz Sarsaparilla

0 min/whirlpool additions-
1oz Yarrow Leaf/Flower (Fresh)
0.5oz Sweet Gale
0.5oz Labrador Tea Leaf
0.5oz Calamus Root

-Split Batch during chill

Dry Hop/Herb into sour gruit carboy (4 Weeks)
0.25oz Labrador Tea Leaf
0.17oz Yarrow flowers (dried)
0.15oz Queen Ann’s Lace Flower (dried)
0.25oz Heather tips

Chill 5.25 gallons to 95F. Pitch Lacto Brev, set fermentation chamber to 105F with blow off tube for 72 hours no oxygenation. Chill to 68F oxygenate and pitch US-05 with dry hop (herb). Rack to keg after 4+weeks.

Sep 22 15

Meeting Minutes September 2015

by Administrator

Meeting minutes for September 2015 at Pigskin Brewing Company.

  • Meeting called to order by President Will Shiel, he recapped some of our summer events. Also, a reminder to get your shirt order in. We will no longer accept orders on 10/20.
  • Secretary, made his pleas for website articles and gave a shameless plug for his new BJCP 2015 Android application. The website has been updated, removed some dead links, added more beginner how to brew links and videos. Let us know what type of resources you want to see on our website.
  • Treasurer, says we have money.
  • Membership director is at some festival in Germany, drinking beer under a tent and arm wrestling.
  • Vice President, gave run down of upcoming events. October meeting at Zauber 10/19, Oktoberfest party and Weasel Boy some Sunday in October.
  • Bill Bopp talked about Beer for Boobs homebrew competition. We need entries, we need volunteers both day of and unpacking. Judges and stewards can bring their entries day of contest and Gentiles will be a drop off site.
  • Vic Gonzales head brewer of Pigskin Brewery talked about the beers on tap and what they have planned including a Russian Imperial Stout headed toward some Red Rose whisky barrels. There was then a question and answer session followed by a brewery tour.

Congratulations to Steve Henry winner of this month’s club competition. Look for his recipe in the future.

  1. Steve Henry, Saurgruit, A lacto soured gruit brewed without hops using many traditional herbs.
  2. Will Shiel, Bamberger, Slightly smoked helles.
  3. Jason Wing, Amel, Stout highlighting Chocolate Rye malt. Also used Roasted, Oats, Cara40, Wheat, 2row. 1.062 SG. 1.012 FG. 6.5%. 001 Yeast. Columbus hops.


Sep 22 15

President’s Corner September 2015

by Administrator

Well it’s that time of the of year again; ramping up to SODZ meeting season and restarting presidents corners. It’s been a long summer so this may be a longer President’s corner, also, as tradition dictates, I’m drinking as I write. I am currently sitting at Brew Hub in Lakeland FL enjoying my second flight. Unfortunately I do not have the J. Peterman catalog skills of Ben Siefker to describe the beers; I do like the light colored ones (jk, Toppling Goliath oatmeal stout is also tasty). Unfortunately I can’t do 6 flights to try all 24 as they have to much hops for Rachel to share with and high alcohol is the trend in FL. Just getting a water refill right now, as if breathing the air outside didn’t satiate my need for water. Got a nice private tour of the shiny state of the art brewery and really wished I could take a look at more of the detailed plans from an engineering perspective as they were installing a new state of the art canning line that will zip around the ceiling.

So onto SODZ business, well maybe… Back to brewery tours first. So thanks to their senior brewmaster we got a club tour of the AB facility in Columbus this summer, very cool for an engineer like me. I learned that their bottles and cans are pasteurized but kegs are not and wondered what the differences would be. Unfortunately a tour for a group that big (50) couldn’t get samples there so we went out another day and got a fresh bottle and a fresh draught pint of Budweiser, conclusion… Different! I found the bottle to be more hoppy and the draught to have more delicate malt and nice subtle yeast nuances. Fun tour for all I have heard from. Back to the craft beer scene we recently had some club members open a new brewery, Ill Mannered in Powell, congratulations guys! Former club president Vic Gonzales officially claimed his title as brewmaster for Pig Skin brewery, congratulations! We also have another big(ger) brewery coming to town from Scotland, some may have heard. The brewery with a TV show that has actually been continued, BrewDog, has a very ambitious plan to open in Canal Winchester by May 2016.

Back to club specific stuff (I warned you it was long), Rachel and I hosted the picnic this summer at her mom’s buisness, the Glass Rooster Cannery. From the feedback I have gotten it went really well. If anyone has suggestions my inbox is always open (seriously, gmail just keeps increasing the limit).

Is that long enough? Probably not… All homebrewers are big readers right? Shit I ran out of stuff to say. Oh well see you Monday! Oh brew for Beer For Boobs!


Sep 15 15

SODZ 20th Anniversary Work Shirts

by Administrator

For SODZ’s 20th Anniversary we are making work shirts made with the SODZ logo. An example of the shirt can be seen below.


Order Form

To get yours, Please fill out the form below if you are interested in purchasing a shirt. We will take money at any official SODZ meeting (Monthly Meeting/Oktoberfest/Beer for Boobs/etc). Ordering will be closed October 20th.

Payment Options

Is it a little convoluted to have you fill in information for a order and then have you pay in a separate section? In an answer yes but damn it we are brewers not web designers.

Your options for paying for a shirt are as follows:

  • Show up to a SODZ event with a check for the correct t-shirt amount payable to SODZ.
  • Show up to a SODZ event with cash for the correct t-shirt amount
  • Show up to a SODZ event with a credit card and we will charge it.
  • Pay for the shirt via Paypal using the PayPal button below.

PayPal Payment Option

Please use the button below to pay for your shirt.

Shirt Sizes

Sep 7 15

September Meeting 9/21 7pm @ Pigskin Brewing

by Administrator

What? That’s right it’s starting again.


Monday, September 21st 2015


Pigskin Brewery on the Patio
81 Mill St #150
Columbus, OH 43230


Pigskin will have a limited menu.


Along with the normal club business, we’ll get to hear from:

  • Vic Gonzales – Brewer of Pigskin Brewery TBD

Club Competition

All categories.

Winner will get a $25 gift card from a local homebrew store.

Sep 3 15

Beer for Boobs IV

by Administrator

We are now accepting entries for the fifth annual Beer for Boobs competition, hosted by the Scioto, Olentangy and Darby Zymurgists (SODZ).

The entry deadline is October 31st and the competition will be held on Saturday November 14th at Weasel Boy Brewing Company in Zanesville, OH. Register your entries on our web site:

Weasel Boy will select a beer from the Best of Show table to brew for the 2016 GABF Pro-Am competition. Lets try and see if SODZ can win this honor this time!

As always, all profits raised from this competition are donated to Beer for Boobs. See for more information.

We will also need plenty of judges and stewards. If you are able to help, please register as a judge or steward on the same web site:

Please let me know if you have any questions, and I hope to see you in November-

Bill Bopp
Competition Coordinator

Sep 1 15

End of Summer Update

by Administrator

The end of summer is close at hand and you know what that means…It’s Brewing Season! SODZ will restart our monthly meetings in September, look for the meeting notice soon. In the meantime, here are some quick updates:

Lots of SODZers making headlines in the pro-brewing world. Come out and support your homebrewing brother’s living the dream!

  • SODZ members Tom Ayers, Greg Dannemiller, Brian Mathias and Ryan Romer-Jordan are opening up Ill Mannered Brewing Co and the Grand Opening is this Friday September 4th at 5pm. Check out the information here: I can’t wait to try out their Oatmeal Coffee Stout!
  • Former SODZ president Vic Gonzales has thrown off his shackles and is now the “Official” full time brewer at Pigskin. They are throwing a coming out party for him, stop by try his new Double IPA.
  • Current Vice President and Barley’s Assistant Brewer Ryan Torres has accepted a position at Scioto Downs Casino’s new brewery Brew Brothers Ryan is currently looking for an assistant of his own and is looking to hire quickly. Details and application here. The new brewery is scheduled to open in the Octoberish time frame.
  • Dick Stevens, owner of Elevator Brewing, has an opening for a cellarman at the brewery. This is an entry level position, and involves cleaning kegs, operating the coolers, moving and storing kegs, and other general work in the brewery. If any of you members have ever thought about getting involved with working at a brewery, this is the usual starting point. This position is flexible, but could be a full time position. If you have an interest, please contact Don directly at croucher43 at yahoo dot com

Lots of upcoming local and regional homebrew competitions. Please, consider supporting other clubs either by entering, judging and/or stewarding. They support us and make our competitions possible.

  • September 12th, registration open now. Dayton homebrew club DRAFT is hosting Brewfest competition open to all new BJCP 2015 styles. They are still in need of stewards and judges. Register here:
  • October 10th, registration open now. Cincinnati Malt Infusers is hosting the 20th Annual Oktoberbest homebrew competition. Register here:
  • October 10th, registration open now. Pittsburgh’s TRASH is hosting TRASH XXV Homebrew Competition. Register here:
  • November 7th, Cleveland’s SNOBS is hosting Son of Brewzilla. Unfortunately, registration is closed due to hitting the max number of entries. You can still register to judge or steward here:
  • November 14th, registration tbd. SODZ (hey that’s us!) will be hosting Beer for Boobs homebrew competition and fundraiser at Weasel Boy in Zanesville. Details coming soon.
  • December 5th, registration open now. Hop Yard 62 in Grove City is hosting an Oatmeal Stout competition. More info here.

Jul 24 15

Anheuser Busch Brewery Tour

by Administrator

Forty-eight SODZ members went on the brewery tour and all I can say is “WOW”. The sheer size of this place is awe-inspiring. Everyone was very impressed not only with the scale but the attention to quality and detail. The mashtun’s are bigger than my house and they have six of them! Like they said, they do the exact same thing us homebrewers do, just on a bigger scale. If you ever get a chance to go on this tour jump on it.  A big thanks to Tyler Hunter and his crew  for taking time out of their busy day, giving us the tour and being gracious hosts.

This is the lagering cellar. They have four more floors of these.

One half of the tour group. Yes, the flash was on.

For more pictures: